9 Important Things About Cellulite

Cellulite affects many people regardless of age, weight, race or skin type. Many women find cellulite depressing and are always finding ways to get rid of them or to minimize their appearance. Cellulite seems to be everywhere so we should know more about them. For example, did you know that cellulite isn’t incurable anymore? Or that so called “anti-cellulite” creams and lotions don’t really work. It is clearly a fascinating topic especially if you’re plagued with cellulite. Here are some things you should know about cellulite.

5% Of Us Have It

Sounds depressing right? But cellulite is in fact very common. According to dermatologists around 90 to 95% of women have it. One dermatologist reports that there are 3 different kinds of cellulite and women usually have one kind on a part of their body and the other kinds on other parts as well. There are also different severities of cellulite and only the most severe are visible.

Caused Weak Collagen Ties

Regardless of how much you weigh, there is a layer of fat under the skin to make it look smooth. This fat is attached to the layer of skin and the muscles underneath where collagen bands run through it. Due to factors like age, stress and hormonal functions the bands which act like nets weaken making the fat layer uneven because the collagen cannot hold it well. This weakness becomes visible on the skin and it’s what we call cellulite.

Men Have Them Too

This evens things out a bit. Men have cellulite too. Just like women, men have layers of fat and collagen which could weaken due to the above mentioned factors. In fact men have more fat thanks to genetic and evolutionary reasons so they could be more prone to cellulite.

Exercise Helps

Contrary to some myths, cellulite is not caused by toxins accumulating on the body. Therefore drinking huge amounts of water to get rid of cellulite is not true. Exercise however can help combat the appearance of cellulite. Physical activity helps burn fat which limits the amount stored in the fat layers of the skin reducing the appearance of cellulite.

Deep Tissue Massages are Good Too

Poor blood circulation plays a role in the appearance of cellulite. As we all know massages increase blood flow to the treated area which could reduce the appearance of cellulite. So anytime you are able to, get a massage. It not only promotes relaxation but can minimize cellulite visibility too. But keep in mind that getting a massage is not a cure for cellulite, so don’t be surprised if it doesn’t get rid of cellulite immediately.

Sun Exposure Can Create More Cellulite

Sun damage is not only about wrinkles and dark spots. UV rays can weaken the collagen band in your skin weakening it and making cellulite look more prominent. Don’t spare sunscreen and wear them not only for sunburn protection but cellulite protection too.

Cellulite Can Be Genetic

You probably have cellulite because your mother and grandmother have them too. The good news is that we can beat the genetic factor with exercise, proper diet and sunscreen. This way even if you do have cellulite they won’t look more severe or prominent.

Tight Underwear

Tight panties, stockings and other garments can contribute to cellulite. Tight underwear bites the skin cutting off blood circulation. Poor blood circulation as stated above can weaken collagen bands forming cellulite. Therefore, good fitting underwear is not only comfortable but cellulite deterring too.

They can be prevented

Following the advice above; exercising, avoiding tight underwear, using sunscreen and getting a massage can minimize or delay the appearance of cellulite. Remember that you have the fate of your own skin in your hands.

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