Beauty Secret Of The Stars Over 40

When you look at Hollywood women nowadays it seems that their faces are frozen in time. Stars like Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston and Kate Blanchet look the same as they did 10 years ago. Their faces make ordinary women wonder what they do in order to look young. We all know that they didn’t stop out of a time machine so we did some digging and found out their beauty secrets.

Strength Training

Strength training helps keep muscles and skin stay firm. This means that your face, arms and stomach will look lean and toned no matter how old you are. Stars like Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston and Halle Berry hit the gym regularly to do some cardio, lift weights, do yoga and other forms of exercise that not only helps maintain their trim figures but also helps them looking young.

Lighten Their Hair

Ever notice that Jennifer Anniston looks younger now than her Rachel days in the sitcom Friends? One of the reasons is her hair color. New York City salon owner Rita Halzan who has worked with the actress says that lightening dark hair will make your skin appear to have more pigment. This means that you won’t look washed out, pasty or pale. Blonde hair for example gets darker as you get older so lightening it will make you look young and skin will look more youthful.

Fill In Their Brows

Abundance of hair is a sign of good health and youth. Brows thin as we age so fill up your brows to get that youthful look. Thicker brows are the rage these days. Take a look at model Cara Delavigne’s brows. They have a nice shape and are thick and lustrous. Make-up artist Sandy Linter who has worked with 59 year-old Christie Brinkley says that the model uses a good brand brow pencil and keeps her brows to a natural fullness to keep looking young and fresh.

Switch to Dewy Make-up

Skin gets drier as we age and piling powdered make-up on dry skin is not pretty. Switch to creamy foundations instead of powdered ones. The right shade can create a radiant glow. To get rid of the extra shine, dust off with some powder and then blot with a tissue. If you need to use powder make sure not to use too much because it settles into lines to make them more prominent and harsher.


As we get older we should also be more aggressive in exfoliating dead skin cells. Find a good exfoliator and scrub 3 times a week. Exfoliating speeds up the process of skin renewal and sloughs off dead skin cells. This means that the skin visible is always new giving you fresh younger looking skin.

Opt For A Simple Hairstyle

Check out red carpet photos and you will see that stars like Jennifer Aniston and Halle Berry usually just let their hair hang. Over styled hair can make the face seem harsher and therefore make you look older. You can still use styling products of course. Before blow-drying hair apply some hair primer on wet hair and use a round brush while drying. This way your simple hair style will last longer.

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