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DreamTone – Breakthrough Brightening By Lancome

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DreamTone – Breakthrough Brightening By Lancome


I hate to be “Debbie Downer” but, at our age, everything in our bodies is starting to go a bit haywire!

Hair grows where we didn’t have it before and goes away where we want it,  skin’s sagging and jiggling, parts are drying out…. and to top it off,  just when we thought we had our pimples under control, they’ve been replaced by the dreaded dark spots!

It just goes to show you…


it's always something.…”It’s always something!”


Well, thankfully, Lancome has done a lot of leg work regarding our new problem.  To be exact, their scientific study involved over 10,000 women in 19 different countries and was based on 64 skin shades so that they could bring us a fixer: DreamTone

What’s new about this targeted skin brightening serum??  It’s made-to-measure skincare!!   Lancome is giving us  3 tailored, color-targeting formulas to address the 3 specific pigmentation profiles, light, medium and dark.


Why three formulas?  Melanin production in different shades of skin needs to be addressed in different ways.  That’s why each of the different “tones” are tailor-made.

I was lucky to be able to try a “direct-from-lab” sample of this formula in, my tone, medium.  I noticed that they are not tinted, as I thought would be the case, but they do immediately improve the shade of the skin on application.  The desired results, however, take about 8 weeks to achieve, but in my experience with skin brighteners, the darker the skin’s pigment, the quicker the results, so you just have to be patient, no matter what skin tone you have.  The cell damage didn’t happen over-night and you can’t fix it that quick, either!

The texture of the product was light-weight, very wearable and silky-soft.  My skin immediately appeared  improved in color and visibly smoother!!

Now you’re just going to wait until September 1st to try it for yourselves, but you can visit, or call your favorite Lancome person and ask them to notify you when it arrives in stores, and if you ask nicely, I bet she’ll reserve a sample for you!

Truthfully, after “forever” in the skincare business, I’m a little jaded when it comes to “new” technology and it takes a lot to impress me.

Consider me impressed!


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