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Hairstyles: The Long & Short of Short

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Hairstyles: The Long & Short of Short

As I go further and further into my 50′s and getting close to 60 (gulp!), the shoulder hurts, the back aches and the neck gets stiffer every day…. and I feel the need to go shorter and easier with my hairstyle.  Then I look at my drooping jowls and turkey neck and I want to grow my hair long enough to tie a knot under my chin!

So what’s the answer?  The best of both worlds…  Long-Short hair!  Keep a longer length to the overall style then cut in layers to facilitate styling and give an emphasis on the eyes or obtain height and volume, taking the focus away from the things we need to hide.


Long short 1This is so versatile!  You can tuck one or both sides behind the ear, give more height to the crown or “piece” it with more gel.  This hairstyle “wakes up” well, meaning, you don’t wake up needing to immediately go to the mirror and fix it in order to not look like a hairy alien of some kind.


Long short 5This is classic and fresh!  The long layers are flattering to most face shapes and easy to style.  It brings the attention to eye-level.


Long short 7Trendy and easy to care for, although you need to keep this look “sharp”.  You might have to visit the hairdresser more often to keep it fresh-looking, but if your BFF is a hairdresser… why not?


Long short 6Great below-chin-length for aging skin!


These certainly aren’t the only cute hairstyles for “us” and, maybe, you already have figured out the best cut for you, but sometimes women keep going shorter and shorter for convenience sake until the cut does absolutely nothing for their face or their personal  style.  Think: options!


You should only have to spend about 5 to 10 minutes in order to blow-dry these styles nicely “into place” after you wash your hair, then, in between washes, just tweak it a bit saving you not only time but not causing undue stress on already stressed body parts!

Although everything is changing with us these days,

Change can be good…!


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