It’s Been Awhile And I tried Online Therapy

It’s been a long time since I updated my blog. I’ve been really busy in addition to going through some personal issues, which is partly in reference to this post. I was suffering from some extreme depression, the kind where you don’t get out of bed in the morning. I spent several days per week in a row where I just checked out of the world, well other than to eat and go to the bathroom of course. I was in a big funk for months.

It took awhile, but after months of being in the gutter, I decided to get help. I went to the doctor and got prescribed an anti-depressant which definitely helped, but it didn’t solve my issues completely. I decided that I really needed to talk to someone that wasn’t my husband or family. I needed an unbiased source to talk to about my issues. However, I didn’t want to go to a therapist. Something about sitting in that office and opening up right in front of someone I didn’t know felt weird, even though I wanted to not know them.

I decided to turn to Google to see if there were any other options. After researching for a couple of days I stumbled on a review for a company called BetterHelp.┬áIt’s a form of ‘online therapy’. The idea definitely intrigued me, but I wasn’t so sure how effective it would be.

I found out that you get to speak to a licensed therapist, that was a big deal to me. It needed to be someone who actually had more qualifications to help me than just another random person I could meet at the coffee shop. I was able to communicate with my therapist online using a chat system which was very easy to use. I also really liked the fact I could talk to my therapist every day. That’s something that I know with a regular therapist I wouldn’t get. Or if I did, it would cost a fortune.

The cost is another big thing. BetterHelp only costs 35 dollars a week. The in person therapists I looked up averaged about 150 dollars AN HOUR. Now my health insurance isn’t that great, and there is NO WAY I could afford to pay someone 150 dollars an hour. Even if it was only one session a week that would be 600 dollars a month! That’s almost as much as my rent!

It took about a month of therapy before I started to feel better. It was just nice knowing that I had someone available to me every day from the comfort of my own home to help me. That it was someone who was totally separate from my life but had an objective solution to my problems. Having someone always there to listen to me just felt awesome!

I’m still using BetterHelps therapy because I love it. Even though I feel that I have made leaps and bounds with my progress, I know that I still have ways to go. I’m hoping with time that I won’t need any therapy at all, but even if that’s true, I might just keep taking the therapy because having that person always there for me is a reward in itself.

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