Lifecell Lip Plumper Review Gives Big Beautiful Lips!

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated my blog, I guess I’ve been lazy! Last time I reviewed Lifecell’s anti-aging cream and now I am reviewing their Lip Plumper!

I’ve always been a huge fan of big lips. It’s one of the main beauty signifies in my mind, and who doesn’t like kissing someone with big soft lips? What I think is interesting, is that lips are one of the areas that you can easily and invasively improve – compared to say a nose job. Many women however, go through the REALLY expensive process of getting lip injections that often provide a very, very unnatural look. Have you ever seen a woman that overdid lip injections? She looks like a giant suction-cup! I could get her to wet her lips and stick her to a glass window.

Review Time

Ok, enough fun – let’s get down to the review of the Lip Plumper. I’ve been using it for awhile a month and have seen significant results. I apply it 3x a day as recommend on the packaging and after each application I notice and immediately increase in my lip size. Although it fades slightly after time, once you start using it long term *a month or more the changes become more permanent. Even though I’ve noticed what seems to be permanent improvement, I always apply it anyway right before I want them to look great! If I have a date with hubby, I’ll throw a couple of coats on!

Another big benefit to the lip plumper is that it hydrates. I haven’t had to use chapstick even once since starting the product. I used to apply chapstick constantly because I have naturally dry lips in combination with the dry climate that I live in. So not only does the lip plumper make my lips bigger and look better, but it let me get rid of using chapstick which definitely has saved me some money and time.

Who Does It Work For The Best?

I think with every beauty product the question comes up of – who is this product suitable for? I get a lot of these questions because, yes, I am an older woman and proud of it! Older women often lose lip volume with age so it’s a great product for my demographic. However, lip plumper are great for anyone of any age. Even if you are young getting bigger lips is NEVER a bad thing. I’ve never once heard of someone complain that my lips are too juicy, kissable and plump. Here is a video of the product being demonstrated on a young model and the results looked great.

How Lifecell Lip Plumper Gives Lucious Kissable Lips from Lifecell on Vimeo.

Well, that’s about all for my review on Lifecell’s Lip Plumper. It worked for me both in increasing my lip volume and keeping my lips hydrated. Goodbye chapstick, and hello kissable lips!

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