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Now, before I get into my review of Lifecell, I want to explain a little bit more about who I am. Most of the Lifecell reviews I read before ordering the product, featured younger women. Most of the women looked 30-40, but hey, maybe that’s because they use life cell right? I wanted to try this product simply for the fact that I’m not a middle aged woman, I am an older woman (64 to be exact, but who’s counting?).

I ordered Lifecell online after reading another review. They offer an introductory trial offer which you only pay for shipping which when I ordered was $4.95. This was a nice incentive for my experimental attitude towards beauty products and my desire to try-before-buy.

The product arrived shortly after my order, roughly 4 business days give or take a day. It came in nice packaging with an informal manual which talks about how the product works and it’s ingredients. The tube is approximately 2.54 oz’s and for me – applying it once in the morning and at night lasts a little over a month.

My Initial Results

Lifecell is an interesting product, one that is supposed to offer fast results with the addition of slower long lasting results. According to Lifecell, you are supposed to be able to notice a difference in wrinkles within the first 17 second of applying the  cream. The reason for this instant result is that the product is supposed to cover up the appearance of wrinkles by covering up the shadow that makes them visible. In fact, interestingly enough, a wrinkle is only visible because of the shadow that is cast within the crevice of your skin.

For me, I did notice a change within the first 60 seconds of applying the cream (not sure about 17 seconds). A lot of my deeper wrinkles became notibly “shallower”. Some of the discoloration around my eyes, and dark spots in my skin almost completely vanished. My skin tone looked incredibly more even, and on an over-all assessment my wrinkles did diminish.

My Results 3 months Later


Since I did notice results within the first month of using the product, I decided to continue my usage; and at the time of writing this post I have been using Lifecell for just about three months.  The results have been over-all really, really good; in fact I would say it’s better than any anti-aging product I’ve ever used – and I’ve used a lot of them. Over time the results have definitely gotten better, and I have no issues with any side-effects.

There are few other things to note about life cell besides the fact it worked for me, which are;

  • Lifecell is fragrance free (this is a big deal to me since I have scent-sensitivity)
  • Lifecell is non-irritating to the skin
  • Lifecell works quickly and offers long-term results as well
  • The company offers a introductory trial offer

Over-all, I would recommend Lifecell.

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